Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take me away!

No, not really.  Just another crazy day.  One child home sick.  But, with four still living at home that is considered very lucky.  Getting away to a long hot bath is my escape, even on a day that isn't crazy.  Quiet time to think, in between the kids knocking on the door, "Mom, but Mom".  Just one of the prices of motherhood. 
I made this card for a dear friend, she never received it.  I am just the mechanic whos car is never working.  I make cards like crazy, but rarely send a card.   So, if you feel left out, don't, I love you all.  I think of everyone on their birthday, I do have them written on my calendar.  You are thought about, I am not ever quite sure what to say in them.  Card maker -- yes.  Hallmark -- no.
So, if you are having a crazy day.  Take a long hot bath, and blame it on me.  Let your daughters come in and fix their hair and they will have your undivided attention.  Those times are priceless.  Amazing how much talking can get done when there aren't distractions.
May God bless your day with undistracted moments with family and friends.  Where ever you may find that quiet time.
Love to all! 

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  1. Oh so sorry one of your checks is sick. Hope it is over soon. I know how it is having had 6 at home at one time. You are so right to encourage folks to enjoy those days, they are the best. Blessings