Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Weekend Wheew!

It has been busy.  My goal was absolutely no work on Sunday, which means everything had to be done before, new for all of us.  Church as a family, always great.  Good food and CCD afterward.  My husband says "How about stopping to get fresh veggies for sandwiches?".  Me "Sorry, we can't it is Sunday and that will make someone else have to work." (meaning the IGA workers).  That was fine with everyone.  We had decided on Saturday that there were plenty of leftovers from the week, so no cooking just warming up things, meatloaf, lasagne, cowboy stew, halibut chowder (it is lent - fish Fridays).  So how did we fair once home, for no work Sunday?  Caught my sweet husband folding towels, the kids filled the dishwasher, caught myself of all things cleaning the toilet.  Have you ever heard "Don't drink water" and now everyone is thirsty?  Well, if you ever want housework done claim a "No Work Day", progress will be made.  Do we plan on this again next Sunday?  Yes, to the best of our human ability.

We did however find time to make a Resurrection Tree for Holy Week.  Seven eggs each holding a treasure of discussion during the Holy Week.  I am so excited and hope the kids enjoy hearing the story of each piece, as much as they did finding the treasures. 

It is Monday, time for a new week, and new experiences.  Blessings to you all.

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  1. So enjoyed your recant of your Sunday. It was so beautiful here. Son and I raked and sucked up leaves and set out some pansies. The only thing to put out this early. Love your Resurrection Tree. blessings