Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside! Surprise?

This is one of my favorite cards and yes if you shake it the glitter falls around the snowman.

I mean really?  I myself am not surprised at all, it is 25 degrees and it is March.  I have seen it snow in June, here in Alaska.  But there are some that still seemed surprised.  They would be just as surprised if it were 80 degrees here.  It is beautiful as always.  I can not express enough how much I love living in Alaska.
So glad you decided to come by today.  It has been a busy few days.  I have made many cards, always a plus with me.  Caught up on a little house work.  Not completed at this point, but keep that between us.  The girls seem to have seen a shrew in their room, you could probably hear them where you are.  It is so hard to convince girls that you can't just go right down and kill the poor thing and you can't run out to the store here at 9 pm to get something to catch it either.  But they made it through.
Thanks for coming in for a chat, hope today finds you and your family doing well and finding blessings where you thought there were none to be found.  Have a blessed day.  
One more thing -- Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya ;)  Keep Smilin' 

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  1. Dear Shelly each time I drop by I am so blessed with one of your beautiful cards. Such great ideas and items you have to work with. Can't wait for my next oil painting class. I got started and Sr. said just let it start to dry and next week you will even enjoy working more on it. It is indeed beautiful even if it is cloudy. Takes all kinds of days for sure. Blessings