Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hope everyone enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.  I still need to let my daughter pinch me.  She caught me fair and square.  I was prepared this morning, then got a shower and totally forgot.  Fun silliness for a fun day.  OHHH, I have on a green pony holder, OHHH I have on green earrings, and no don't pinch your five year old brother that doesn't understand and yes he is wearing green.
Spent part of the day working on my new adventure into art -- an ATC card swap.  Theme steampunk -- anyone that knows me, knows this is a step out of my box.  Although, I did step out of it, I do think anyone that knows my style can see right through it.  I won't be posting til mid April, so watch for it.
Thought for the day -- In todays times of trials do you have the courage of St. Patrick to bring others to Christianity.  May God bless my voice and lifestyle that others my see Him through the gifts He has given me.  God bless you for reading this whole post.  Keep smiling!

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